Men’s Bermuda Cargo Khaki Camel Active CA 496800-5U75-31

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Χρώμα: Khaki
  • Men's cargo shorts, anthracite color Camel Active CA 496800-5U75-88
  • Men's cargo shorts, cinnamon color Camel Active CA 496800-5U75-21
  • Men's cargo Bermuda shorts, light gray Camel Active CA 496800-5U75-05
  • Men's cargo shorts, khaki color Camel Active CA 496800-5U75-31
camel active

Bermuda Regular Fit cargo 5 pockets

These 5-pocket summer Bermuda shorts are made of quality material. The cool cotton fabric provides excellent air circulation, making these shorts extremely comfortable to use. The straight leg and the regular fit ensure great comfort with the optimal freedom of movement. The back pockets offer plenty of practical storage space and a sleek Camel Active logo
  • Summer quality cotton
  • Normal line
  • Length: seam 28 cm
  • 5 pocket style with chino front pockets
  • Cargo pockets with print
Material: fabric: 100% cotton

Care instructions

Ξήρανση με χαμηλή θερμοκρασία (χαμηλή θερμοκρασία) Σίδερο σε χαμηλή θερμοκρασία Μην λευκάνετε Να μην στεγνωκαθαριστεί Πλύνετε απαλά στους 40 ° C ή κάτω
Product number: 496800-5U75-31


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