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Information security

To enter our website you will use your e-mail and your security code, which every time you enter them provide you with absolute security access to your personal data. We take all possible measures to protect your personal data, but the protection of your password on our website is up to you.
You have the opportunity to change the security code as often as you wish as the change or correction of your personal data can be done through your account on our website. The only one who has access to your data is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining its confidentiality and concealment from third parties. In case of loss or leakage you must replace it immediately, otherwise our online store is not responsible for use by unauthorized persons.
For security reasons, we recommend that you change your security code at regular intervals and avoid the use of easily traceable codes.
We take all appropriate measures to protect the data posted on the website from any illegal activity and disclosure.
In the case of hyperlinks (links) to other websites, the website is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of personal data that they follow.


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Our purpose is to provide you with information and to process orders, but also to improve our website and the quality of services provided.
In no case do they constitute malicious software, do not cause damage to users’ computers but also to the files stored on them and do not collect information or files from them.
If the user of the website does not wish the use of cookies, he can delete them as well as exclude their use through the settings of his browser but you must keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary in order for our website to function properly and smoothly. The website uses Google Analytics to report user interaction with it.

Types of Cookies:

A) Necessary cookies

These are the cookies that are necessary for the operation of a website. Without these cookies the website can not function normally.

B) Functionality cookies

They are cookies that improve the functionality of the website. The tour is tailored to your interests and saves time that would be lost by re-entering information.

C) Session cookies

Session cookies are temporarily stored for the duration of your navigation and are deleted from your computer when the browser is closed.

D) Cookies of third companies


The website uses Google Analytics, through which it gathers information that helps it optimize its website based on the preferences of its visitors. If you do not wish to have your data collected by Google Analytics, you can download and install the Google Analytics Opt out program in your browser at the following link: .