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Knirps Ultra Slim Weight 115 gr !, Manual, Black

5 Years Warranty

Extremely light – extremely flat – extremely stable!

The all-new Knirps US.050 has become the lightest pocket umbrella in the range, thanks to its ultra-flat form and selected materials.

The umbrella weighs only 115 grams and is therefore lighter than a small apple.

Due to its slim dimensions it is the ideal travel companion and can even be stored in any jacket pocket.

Despite its compact dimensions, you won’t miss the excellent stability and quality of Knirps.

This umbrella is equipped with a canopy diameter of 90cm and is ideal for one person.

The US.050 pocket umbrella can also be used in windy weather. It can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km/h without being damaged.

This is ensured by the extremely flexible supports, which even allow the canopy to fold without breaking.

Dome construction of 6 spokes.

The weight of the umbrella is 115 gr.

The length of each ray is 49 cm.

The length of the umbrella when open is 48 cm.

The length of the umbrella when closed is 21 cm.

The diameter of the umbrella when open is 90 cm.

Manual mechanism for opening and closing.